There is beauty
Heartbreaking beauty everywhere

You know sometimes, no matter how hard you fight, you lose
Sometimes, you hold on really hard and realise that there is no choice but to let go
It’s okay to let things evolve naturally
It’s okay to just keep things “simple”

There are days when you feel worthless
When you start crying because life is all messed up and you just don’t know why
There are days when all your questions are unanswered
There are days when our loved ones stab us the hardest

But even in those days, my friend

Even in those days,never forget what you are capable of
Never doubt yourself, not even for a second

There will be days when you lose
There will be days when the best decision of your life, does not make sense anymore
There will be days when you lose so hard, you forget what success feels like
There will be days when you are sick and you just don’t know what’s wrong with you
There will be days when someone will break your heart so bad, you will forget that you have one
And there will be days when you fall so hard that you shatter like a glass

That’s life

You know lately, I have been worrying a lot about everything
But isn’t that useless
We humans
Always forget that our Creator has already planned everything for us!
He is the best of planners.
We just need a little bit of faith and Wallah, everything will fall back right into place
Talk to the Creator
It helps. I swear, it helps.

We lose because we all fear it
We fear it so bad that our inner demon starts telling us that we aren’t worth it
We can’t have it
We can’t ace it
But the truth is

Dance in your own damn glory and never fear to fail. Never. Ever.
You know, sometimes the fear of what could happen, makes nothing happen.
Don’t let it win.
Don’t let that inner demon win this time

Life isn’t easy to live and that scares me the most.
I know that you are tired of your failures but honestly, who isn’t?
There will be a point in your life when everything seems so pointless.
Everything loses it’s purity
But even in those days, pray
Everybody is going through something but to progress you just gotta move
You gotta move forward
Forward, just forward

Heal someone
Become an inspiration
Save someone
Tame someone’s sadness
Give out the love you desperately wanted for yourself
Help someone
Meet anger with sympathy, contempt with compassion, cruelty with kindness and grimaces with smiles.
THAT will cure you, I promise

This is to never ever looking back
This is to your progress
Your hard-work will pay off
You will succeed but even if you fail, life has so much to offer
The people who left you,will regret one day, they will
You just do your thing
You are born to rise
Just hold on a bit longer
Let them wonder how you did it
Pray,Breathe and let it all go


They saw the blood flood in streets 

Held an apple and asked,”what colour is it?” 

But they didn’t know…

The end was near,very near 

End to humanity and sanity 

They hate red…
They hate it because they saw their own siblings and parents drowned in it

They hate it because they will never see their mothers making an apple pie for them,ever again

They hate red…

When the bombs hit their houses, they were at school with an apple in their bag
They will never eat it again,ever

But they did not know…

Everytime they see it, they see their own blood in it
Blood ,their blood 

The blood of patriots ,their own people 

They saw the blood and cells, go slowly down to death 

And this gives them shivers down their spine

They start reminiscing 

The happy days, the better days 

The days they used to fight over an apple pie 

They hate red…
They hate it because they were born to see the world 

But all they see is hues of red,everyday

Red blood 


– Hiba Irfan 


We are all hurt

We all are broken 

Pieces of glass 

Destine to shatter 

Your shattered dreams

My midnight screams 

Your desperate nights 

My angry fights 

Get up and bind 

It’s time ,my life


You are like a colour that never existed 

But you are the one last colour I need in my life 

You love wearing masks 

But your soul is naked 

You deny your own existence 

But aren’t you infinite ? 

You don’t know 

You don’t know 

No matter what mask you wear 

No matter what colour you are 

Your heart is pure ; your soul is gold 

And that’s what I crave from the moment I first set my eyes on you .

-Hiba Irfan 



They say a woman is like a flower; dig a hole in her heart,talk about her beauty and expect without giving.

But She wasn’t just beautiful…
She gave me faith when I was faithless
She knew my worth when I was worthless
She healed me when all I had known were scars
She is like a tea bag – you never know how strong she is until she gets in hot water
Yes, She is not just a piece of flesh and cartilage
She can grab the world by lapels and set it on fire
She is resilient and divine
She is like a piece of poetry I can never write
She is whatever the hell she wants to be
– Hiba irfan